Wednesday, August 5, 2015


So I am writing this post to explain my absence as of late. A while back I promised to post more videos and to get back into the midst of things.

I still intend to post up stuff on my second channel (subscribe here) and to write more on the Blasian Narrative site. I do need to explain whats been going on though so here it is.

I've come to learn some things that have deeply hurt me and that have set me back to the point where I am still fighting a great depression that looms over me from time to time. I've had to battle to keep my job working with children and some stuff with my personal relationships have been severely tested.

However, I type this to say that I am growing stronger as my faith is being tested daily. I ask for prayer as I return to school and work 2 (possibly 3) jobs to pay for it. I will have some stuff for you soon, just not as soon as I thought but I do appreciate the patience and I promise to have some great content that will hopefully be worth the wait. Thank you all and see you all soon.

Chrispy AKA Kon.
@chrispyakakon everywhere.

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