Thursday, January 8, 2015


New year.

New plans.

Another chance.

This past year has had ups and downs. As I am growing in age and growing as a man, I really desire to take control of my future and to see things happen and my goals come to fulfillment within the near future. I am currently in the process of revamping everything. Going to have to delete an excess of sites that are inactive or irrelevant to my brand that I am rebuilding. Also looking to build a collective business with friends and colleagues.

Plenty of other things like restarting a new youtube channel alongside updating both of my youtube channels currently (konofficialyt & konofficialyt2), new apparel brand, and music.

Finally, my goal is to be a better man of faith. Ultimately, all the things that I desire to do is a ministry whether directly or indirectly.

Keep me in prayers as I move forward in these endeavors.

Stay posted.

Christopher "Chrispy AKA Kon" Phiouthong